Set up successive problem-solving workshops.

Create workshops based on customer requests, and stimulate the team's creativity to meet needs.

Project overview

BioSuave has an online site selling organic cosmetics (perfumes, make-up, etc.). The main request is to redesign the website.


The BioSuave customer wanted to position itself against the competition by redesigning its website.


Individual idea generation, then aggregation (each person contributes an improvement to the neighbor's idea), and analysis of the ideas generated (feasibility, viability, innovation).


Designers x2, Développeurs x2, membres du Marketing et de la Communication x2 (gestion et analyse des réseaux sociaux), des utilisateurs habitués à l’enseigne + des volontaires qui ne connaissent rien de BioSuave. On vise à consolider les liens, et comprendre la logique de chaque personne selon son domaine d’expertise.

Practical aspects

Tables and chairs arranged in a circle, so that each member can see the other. A few tables and chairs for individual work, for people who need to refocus in their own space during one-to-one moments.

The Result

You'll leave with new approaches to future site design, promising ideas, and storyboards to treasure (for use with the communications team).

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