Research, ideation,
action, testing..

Hey šŸ‘‹ Iā€™m Mickael a creative and action-oriented ux designer

ā€” With almost a decade in customer care and love for psychologie.
I found my calling as an ux designer,

turning problems into solutions.

powerful inside.


I have a strong focus on setting and achieving specific objectives, working towards defined targets is something i like to do.

Quick to learn

I alway had a good ability to rapidly acquire new knowledge, skills, or information. This also mean a capacity to grasp and understand concepts.

Problem solving

Identifying, analyzing, and resolving issues or challenges in a logical manner. I able to use critical thinking, creativity, and analytical skills to find solutions to problems.

Familiar With code

I have a background in PHP programming, a solid general understanding of how code functions and interacts with computer systems.