My ux psychology cards

According to the book Articulating design decisions. In order to convince we should every time “Appealing to a nobler motive.”

A nobler motive

Factors that are important to your stakeholders (impressions, conversions, account sign-ups or what ever). As designer for every decision we make to, it’s important keep in mind that we should attach our decisions to a goal, metric, or other problem and how your designs solve it :

  • What problem does it solve?
  • How does it affect the user?
  • Why is it better than the alternative?


Reading this book, I found the idea of having quick access to different psychological biases we can use as designers to tie our design decisions back to the goal interesting. I also wanted something more visual and with memes, as this helps to represent things in a more pleasing way.


List factors that are important to your stakeholders and looking for the most commun psychology biais in design. Then a way to link the two before adding a meme that would be quite revealing of the situation.

The Result

First of all, I'm happy with the result, because it helps me focus on the impact my design should have. Because in the end, the focus should always be on what works and what doesn't (usability testing) or how visuals affect brand image, perception or emotion. I also happy that other designer find it uselfull : " Hi Mickael! Very helpful that you've gathered them altogether 💙 "

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