Survey to understand, confirm and prioritize demand.

Discover how i used a simple survey to help a farmer find his early adopters on Internet.


The action took place in Quebec, renowned for its desire for independence. Each region has its own "buy-local" facebook group where people try to get local produce. Seeing this, my brother saw the opportunity to create a platform dedicated to this.


A common mistake is to think you know what people want. In this case, my friend had his own perception, which could lead to misunderstandings with future users. We also wanted to make sure that we'd be able to get back in touch with interested people.


I created a survey to :

  • - Understand the motivations behind the act of buying local
  • - Find out what people are willing to buy
  • - Make a proposal to collect emails to recontact once the solution was ready

Then, while commenting on Facebook posts, when he came into contact with the users, he asked them to take part in the survey.

The Result

At the end of the survey, not only were we able to confirm and refine the demand, but it also enabled us to get in touch with some of the city's major players, media and influencers.

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