User discovery

From interview to insights.

Project overview:

La fédération nationale des organismes institutionnels de tourisme Innovative project representing an investment of several hundred thousand euros. Major risk:

Lack of understanding of tourists' actual experience of local specificities

Tourists were unable to discover all of a region's tourist attractions.

They wanted to take advantage of slack periods to learn more about the region's culture.


I started with a Google search and a detailed examination of the reviews, in order to find out what problems people are complaining about in order to have a solid basis for interviews

This allowed me to create the interview guides, and once the interviews were done, to create the personas.

Interview insights

User interviews were important as they helped to determine our target audience and gain understanding of our potentiel users. In our case, i made 9 interview (3 professionals and 6 touriste) and based on those meeting, we have gained some key insights.

From professionals perpectives :

  • They first look for free activities.
  • They're not interested in culture.
  • There are two categories of tourists, depending on the period of visit.

From tourists perpectives :

  • People don't want to be taken for tourists
  • They fear that professionals will make recommendations for self-interest.
  • They don't like having to run when they are visiting.
  • It's difficult for them to have real experience of local life.

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